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gm_tech_2 [2017/03/27 21:22]
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-[[http://​​porsche-piwis-tester-ii.html|Porsche Piwis Tester II]] How do I "​Flash"​ the computer in a 2000 chevy blazer using a GM Tech 2?  
-Our shop just recently purchased a Tech 2 and I'm trying to get my keyless entry fob programmed. I have noticed that the vin number stored in the body control module does not match that of the vehicle and I'm trying to update the vehicle'​s software using the tech 2 in hopes in will then let me program my keyless entry fob. I can get the tech 2 all the way through the tech menu's until it tells me to "​connect the tech 2 to pc", and I honestly have no idea what it means. I've read the user manual and cannot find out what it's telling me to do. Anyone have some suggestions?​...I would greatly appreciate them. Thanks everyone! 
-Best Answer[[http://​​da-dongle-j2534.html|DA-Dongle]] 
-irst I want to say congratulation on the new purchase. ​ 
-the tech 2 is an unbelievable scanner that will be very usefull to you and your co-workers when preforming diagnosis. ​ 
-now to answer your question, the Tech2 has to be pluged to GM computer terminal that has Dealer World. ​ 
-repair shops do not have access to Dealer World. ​ 
-that's how we program modules, ​ 
-here's what you can do.  
-plug the Tech2 in the vehicle, build the vehicle, go to BCM  
-scroll to special functions, request SPS programing. ​ 
-once you've done that unplug, take the Tech2 to dealer and explain that you are in the business, and that if one of the techs can do you a favor and program the Tech2 with the software for your vehicle. bring the VIN# with you or drive the vehicle there just in case.  
-good luck, hope I answered your question.[[http://​​da-vina-2534-landrover-jaguar-approved-sae-j2534-pass-thru-interface.html|DA-VINA]]